Vail expands accepted short-term rental insurance types |

Vail expands accepted short-term rental insurance types

Town now accepts insurance products provided by Airbnb and Vrbo

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the Vail Town Council approved an amendment to its short-term rental regulations, expanding the types of insurance it will accept.

The town passed its short-term rental regulations in June 2022, which implemented a new fee structure, violations and penalties as well as requirements for fire department inspections, insurance and exterior signage.

Per its new regulations, the town required that short-term rental properties have an insurance policy with a minimum $1 million coverage limit. It also stipulated what types of insurance were accepted and excluded insurance provided by online short-term rental platforms (like Airbnb and Vrbo).

The changes approved by the council on Tuesday revise the latter requirement.

In the months since the initial resolution was passed, Airbnb and Vrbo made “significant changes” to the insurance policies they offer, according to a council memo. Now the insurance policies for both of those platforms meet the insurance requirements previously passed by council, particularly the $1 million coverage limit.

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As amended, the town’s short-term rental regulations will now allow the insurance products provided by both Airbnb and Vrbo.

“Properties that rent on multiple platforms would still be required to provide proof of insurance beyond what is provided by the online STR platform,” the memo clarifies.

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