Vail Perspective: Work is an extension of our personality |

Vail Perspective: Work is an extension of our personality

Catherine Zeeb
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –The power we have in our Vail Valley workplaces is only matched by the power we have within us. Our work reflects our inner most calmness or strife. What we give in our work is an extension of our personality.

By “power” I am talking about the energy within us of truth and knowing. There is power in truth. Living, breathing and speaking truth – first to self, then to others. There is a comfort in understanding this power –it will help you be the best you can be in every moment.

Shrinking so that others will not be threatened by you does not serve you or the world. Do not fear your power and your greatness. You walk on this earth to serve. You, and others, will benefit from all that you do. See your job, your career as a living extension of you.

The key to success is to realize that what you do for work is not separate from the rest of your life. Business is not usually associated with kindness. It is thought to be the tool for making money. If we view what we do as our ‘mission,’ then everyone we meet, every item we sell, every account we sign, will become a blessing.

Our generosity towards others is key to our positive experience in the world. We can’t care what others think about what we do. Nor do we need to tell everyone that what we do is of love. We demonstrate this. We live this. We are this. We don’t need to tell anyone, it will show in our smile, our laughter, our joy and people will enjoy being in our presence.

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Can you imagine what your workplace would be like if everyone thought this way? That what you do for a living expresses your love of service to others? You will reap the benefits back to yourself one hundred-fold. Who do you serve in your work?

Do you sleep well at night knowing you gave your best in your work that day? Did you tap into your truth, your power and then give that in each moment throughout your day? If so, you should sleep well. If not, practice harder at it tomorrow.

This life is about practice, practice, practice. If we like the results of our day, then we did a good job giving from our truth. We have the opportunity to make each day a new day, a new way.

Radiate the light from within into your work and into the world. Experience the light within you and then shine it out for all to see. They may not know what’s hitting them but they will like it. They don’t have to know where it’s coming from or why but you will and that is all that matters.

Go now into service. Smile, laugh and know that everyone, everything you touch is enlightened by the light from within you.

Catherine Zeeb holds a doctorate of philosophy in metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at

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