Vail Today: Be an Intern for a Day at Shaw Cancer Center (video) |

Vail Today: Be an Intern for a Day at Shaw Cancer Center (video)

As Pink Vail approaches, let’s learn a little more about the Shaw Cancer Center, a nationally accredited center right in our own backyard. Pink Vail raises funds for the Spirit of Survival program, which is a comprehensive approach to treating the body, mind and spirit during and after cancer.

This approach of utilizing interdisciplinary care has proven to work well for the Shaw Cancer Center’s patients. In fact, national data shows that Shaw has a 5 to 10% higher survival rate than other cancer centers in the United States.

Vail Health offers the Cancer Intern for a Day program, allowing participants a behind the scenes look at their facility and their state-of-the-art equipment.

The tour starts at Jack’s Place, where you actually get to meet the man behind the namesake, Dr. Jack Eck. Dr. Eck and Stacy Toyama, vice president of the Shaw Cancer Center speak to the attendees about the history of the Shaw, which contains a lot of philanthropy. The Shaw Cancer Center was a gift from Harold W. and Mary Louise Shaw. Jack’s Place, which houses out-of-town patients for little or no cost, was also built because of generous donations raised in record time. Since it was built in 2007, Jack’s Place has provided lodging for over 3,000 patients and their caregivers.

Other stops on the tour include the Fitness Area, the Breast Center and the PET/CT scan area. We also got to learn more from their medical dosimetrist about radiation oncology review and hear from their medical physicist about the radiation linear accelerator equipment they have.

The equipment is impressive, but what strikes me most is how the Shaw cares for the whole person, and how they are able to give patients this high tech treatment due to the generosity of donors. Philanthropy and positivity are really what sets the Shaw Cancer Center apart.

In addition to the Cancer Intern for a Day program, Vail Health offers a Cardiology Intern for a Day at the Cardiovascular Center at Vail Health and Researcher for a Day at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute. Reserve your spot by calling 970.569.7573.

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