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Letter: Time to reconsider algaecide use in snowmaking

The Sept. 24 Vail Daily News story on the toxic algaecide leaking from Vail Resorts’ snow-making tank is, at the very least, extremely disturbing.

The leak, which killed 120 fish in the nearby Mill and Gore Creeks in Vail, is not only environmentally deadly, but even the Colorado Department of Health and Environment recommends “not letting children play in the water or allowing dogs to drink the water for a couple more days.” This is toxic stuff.

But, there is an issue tangential to this: This is the same water that goes into the man-made snow created on the mountain at Vail, and perhaps the same algaecide mixture used at other Vail Resorts ski areas.

While I understand the corporation’s desire to create snow for early season, the fact that their algaecide-laden water is used as part of this process should come to a stop, immediately.

Find an environmentally-friendly algaecide, if there is one for snowmaking. Or let Mother Nature dictate the ski/ride season, as Ski Cooper and Monarch have done, successfully, for decades.

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This toxic mess for the sake of early-season snow — and, let’s face it, money — needs to be reconsidered.

Jonathan Bowers


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