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Answering challengeShort answers to Butch Mazzuca’s seven questions (June 1):(1) The pro-choice movement is really a sexual freedom movement (except for a few on the fringe who seek population reduction). Attention to birth control, sex education and morning after pills (arguably another form of abortion) would provide only illusory “moral high ground.” The pro-lifers are against legalized murder, and most are really against officially sanctioned immorality as well. But this goes against the prevailing view that truth is relative (See Bob Brandon’s “Considering Truth” essay (6/1).(2) Recent data on mutation rates suggests that mankind’s common ancestor (“Eve”) really lived only about 6000 years ago, not 100,000 years ago as was widely acclaimed in the media a few years ago. A great amount of other scientific data is consistent with a similar (young) age for the whole universe. (The “Big Bang” cosmology, for example, is presently on life support among its proponents, and the Theory of Evolution is in “Chapter 7 bankruptcy.) Nevertheless, the evidence for various warm and cold periods strongly suggests that the human impact on global warming is minuscule.(3) One factor behind the malaise in Africa is its history of colonialism and the backlash against it. Another factor is the combination of Islamic dominance and lack of a convenient source of rich natural resources (such as oil). Elsewhere in the Islamic world the economy is based on oil or there is similar malaise.(4) The president does have some short-term influence on the economy based on his pronouncements, and somewhat longer-term influence based on legislation that he supports. Consider, for example, a comparison of the Carter years with the Reagan years.(5) Fast food, obesity treatments, and diet books: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity under the sun . . ..” as “the preacher” propounds in Ecclesiastes. Such is the lot of those whose world view excludes God.(6) The Democrats (160 to 33) voted to allow U.N. involvement in our elections because they thought the results would be more favorable to them. The Republicans (210 to 0) voted against it for the opposite reason, and at least some of them were largely motivated to protect our sovereignty.(7) It should not be forgotten regarding the high proportion of Nobel Prizes awarded to Jews (especially as against Muslims), that they are God’s chosen people, notwithstanding their collective disobedience up to now. (Although Ishmael was to be the father of a great nation, Isaac was the beneficiary of God’s promises to Abraham.) On a practical level, the Muslim mentality is not particularly favorable to the kinds of endeavors the result in Nobel Prizes.Steve SeccombeToo much I was very upset to see the photo of an obviously grieving friend in your newspaper after he had declined to be identified and was clearly seeking privacy. You have no respect.It has been widely agreed upon that animals do indeed grieve for lost friends, whether of their own or of differing species. One thing, however, besides using tools, that does separate us from the animal kingdom are the higher mental functions such as compassion and the concept of privacy. Thanks to Preston Utley and the esteemed Don Rogers, the Vail Daily staff have once again shown us that they are little more than trained chimpanzees with computers. At this point I know better than to ask the Daily to show some class. “Doing our job …” is no excuse. There was zero journalistic merit to what you did. Doing a job and doing a good job are two different things completely. May you rest in peace, Doug. You will be greatly missed.Clay Hall Minturn

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