Aspen bomber leaves suicide note |

Aspen bomber leaves suicide note

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The first few paragraphs of Jim Blanning's letter, addressed to Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis.

ASPEN, Colorado Jim Blanning, who delivered bombs to two Aspen, Colorado banks and in an alleyway on New Years Eve, and subsequently shot himself hours later, left a suicide letter addressed to Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis.The four-page rant attempts to explain the reasons why he snapped, as well as leaving a final will and testament, bequeathing personal property to Braudis and others.Guess Im in your jurisdiction hands now, Blanning wrote. I did a hellacious lot of work on my two projects as see (sic) in my office. Just did not luck out. My angle left me.Blanning, a former longtime Aspen resident, wheeled and dealed in mining claims in Aspen in the 1970s, 80s and 90s, hoping to strike it rich in the town where he grew up. As his land transactions came under increasing scrutiny from county officials, starting in the late 1980s, Blannings bitterness started to build.Until his death, he was researching mining claim ownership for a big deal he envisioned in the hills above Idaho Springs, Colo. He wanted to find investors who would acquire those mining claims for development of a resort, golf club community and residential development, according to longtime friend Gaard Moses. He also was working on a deal for a ski area in the Georgetown area.Five years of work down the tubes, Blanning wrote. I came so close and it was so very interesting.See Saturdays edition of The Aspen Times for more details regarding the letter, plus more on Blannings life in the Aspen Times Weekly, posted online on Saturday.The letterEditors Note: This letter from Jim Blanning was typed as received, and as best as we could decipher; no corrections were made, nor was it been edited.Bob Braudis Guess Im in your jurisdiction hands now. Sorry I did a hellacious lot of work on my two projects as see in my office. Just did not get lucky. My angle left me. Here, at least, I go close to Stephen.I came loaded for bear as you will see. I was going do just as the bomb note.Could have done some serious damage. Oh-well. Too tired. To the bone.The only bad part is the hurt to some good friends in Denver who you will probably pick up on.Please dont let the Gestapo f*** their lifes. It was all me.Try to find a good author to study my story. The main part of doing the killing was to make a statement and make sure Im remembered, but it seems Ive done that.Theres a cartoon in my office Too Many People and I know I had a wonderful life until Mik Ireland & JE got me.God knows I would love to have cut Irelands & Chip McCorey balls off before skinning them.Five years of work down the tubes. I came so close and it was so very interesting. Tell the Gestapo to go to the C drive on my office computer, then to Master folder and you will see what I mean.Addendum to Last Will & Testament which was on the envelope. If it shows up.I appoint Malcolm Sewell Denver attorney my executor and you Robert Braudis and Art Dailey heirs to all personal records and property, including Great Wonder, LLC, which Gordon Thompson has had nothing to do with in any way. I put his name on the LLC. The records are in the office. Also all book rights, too.All the mining property and binders, books, records, maps and any thing related goes to Kurt Hollberg and Mr. Plum of Gunnison True Valey family. My body is short and the ongoing black depression has mush of my mind lately.All rights to the maps, data, records relating to what I call the Star Hugh project go to Central City and the Fortune Valley Casino. Master/Projects:Copies of the Master folder go to any person or organization that wants a copy for study.I wandered around for hours this afternoon. God knows I have a long history Aspen school Air Force Nuclear Weapons ski patrol & instructor ASC Sundeck/gondola mining claim, more varied deeds & property, etc. recorded, etc. than most anyone.Some Caddlac came up to me near the Silver Brick and I had to move. Not sure where you will find me. Will/should be interesting to hear everyone tales (stories) about me.Always has been interesting that life in prison is better than on early.They have me. Good by.

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