Building permits post record |

Building permits post record

For a town that is largely built-out, Vail has posted some impressive building permit and related permit numbers in 2003.

The town issued a record $92.4 million in permit valuations in 2003 that consisted of a couple of large commercial developments ” the Vail Mountain School and the Middle Creek Village development ” as well as a host of remodeling and other permits. The valuation of 2003’s permits was a record that surpassed 2002’s 92 million. That’s an increase of 2.6 percent.

But in those records won’t last long once the $500 million redevelopment of Lionshead ” Vail’s “New Dawn” as it is being dubbed by Vail Resorts ” gets rolling in 2005-06, said Russell Forrest, Vail’s community development director. Vail Resorts is expected to announce its plans for redeveloping its slopeside commercial properties that include the old gondola building and Sunbird Lodge.

Forrest said he’s also anticipating that 2004 will be busy as well. Redevelopment will begin on The Tivoli Lodge and the Swiss House as will remodeling at Manor Vail this spring. Over the next five years Forrest said the planning staff is expecting 431 new dwelling/ commercial residential units to be built in Vail.

“This year it was the cumulative total of some commercial projects and remodels,” Forrest said. “It adds up quickly.”

The Vail Mountain School expansion was valued at $16.8 million while the Middle Creek Village development carried $13.7 million in valuation. The Village Center also completed $3.6 million in exterior improvements.

The town of Vail issued a total of 1,067 building related permits in 2003 while the Design Review Board processed 565 applications and the Planning and Environmental Commission handled 86 applications.

The large and small redevelopment projects are part of what’s being called a “Vail Renaissance” that is expected to change the look and the feel of the four-decade-old town.

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