Chico Thuon wants to set example of service in run for Avon Town Council |

Chico Thuon wants to set example of service in run for Avon Town Council

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Longtime Avon resident Chico Thuon is running for town council on a premise he wants to teach his three children: You get what you give.

“If you don’t like what is going on in your community or national government, you need to be part of the solution instead of grousing about it and causing static,” Thuon told the Vail Daily in a campaign statement. “I decided that I potentially could be helpful in making thought-out decisions about our future.”

A real estate adviser for Engel & Voelkers, Thuon got his start in Eagle County as a small-business owner, opening Fitz & Chico’s Fly Fishing Guide Service. He ran that business for 17 years before selling it to Minturn Anglers.

With an eye on the environment, Thuon said the Avon council needs to diversify the town’s business strategies to prepare for the possibility of future snowfall totals not being what they once were.

“I’m nervous of which direction the town could possibly turn and adversely affect my children’s upbringing and adversely affect our environment, lifestyles and livelihood,” Thuon wrote. “If visitor numbers are off, so are tax dollars from resorts, shops, lodging, restaurants and real estate transfer taxes. All of our livelihoods would be affected.”

In addition to a platform based on sustainability, Thuon also wants to see accountability in Avon, both environmentally and financially.

“The past town manager and current council have made some unpopular decisions, even going against the vote of the people, which was not to buy the Skier Building,” Thuon wrote. “The purchase behind the back of the majority of Avon voters was just obscene.

“I don’t agree with spending money on several current projects that just don’t make sense, whether it’s the current road project in front of First Bank that will be obsolete in the next couple of years to the proposed barn moving project being eyed by council to be paid for by our hard-earned tax dollars. Monies may be better spent on employee housing projects or studies to enable us to conserve our water and environment.”

If elected, Thuon would want to keep council meetings tight and on schedule, getting business done in a timely manner with focus on important town issues. He would also work on saving money to create a surplus of funds for a rainy day.

“Grace Yamasaki, my Irish grandmother who married a Japanese immigrant, would always say, ‘Pick and choose in life,’” Thuon wrote. “My interpretation of this is as follows: Pick — know your choices in life. Choose — make your decisions based on the knowledge of your potential choices. I am picking and choosing to be an Avon Town Councilman in order to be a steward for our town and our children’s future.”

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