Off the Hill: Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa celebrates 37 years |

Off the Hill: Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa celebrates 37 years

By Tricia Swenson
Recreation, leisure, fitness and wellness. All are words used to describe Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa. Since 1981, their top of the line spas, pool designs, grills, outdoor furnishings and fitness equipment have enhanced our resort community experience. There’s nothing quite like a dip in a hot tub after a long hike or skiing on a powder day, but warm water therapy goes beyond having a beer with friends while the jets are pulsating. A multitude of studies around the world tout the benefits of soaking. “When you’re submersed in warm water, it causes your lungs work out, it actually gives your heart a workout as well. It promotes circulation and most importantly it promotes relaxation, tension relief and a lot of those things we attribute to the wellness experience,” said Michael Charles, president, owner and founder of Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa. Warm water therapy goes one step further with the Endless Pools, now available at Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa. Not only can you swim against a current, mimicking swimming in a real pool or open water, but you can also get models that have equipment that allow you to run, walk, bike or row, providing a low-impact workout due to the buoyancy the water provides. In addition to the swim spas, they also carry exercise equipment from Precor and Bodyguard, along with grills from Linx and Weber. When asked what he loves most about the job, Charles quickly answers that it is the relationships. “Some of my customers have been with me from the beginning. In many cases, when a property sells, we move the maintenance service right on to the next owner. We’ve been with one property through 12 different owners,” said Charles. “They trust us to take care of their needs.” To find out more, visit their showrooms in Eagle-Vail and Frisco, or visit them online at

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