Trump’s success is measured not only by one trait but on numerous factors (letter) |

Trump’s success is measured not only by one trait but on numerous factors (letter)

Success is measured not only by one trait

I must commend Robert Truscheit for his response (“Party before personality, principles before politics,” Robert Truscheit, Tuesday, Jan. 30) that Richard Carnes has been so eagerly awaiting (“Still waiting for character defense,” Richard Carnes, Tuesday, Jan. 23).

I found it refreshing to see his response did not contain the snide innuendos, insulting names or the sensationalism that Carnes’ approach took. The letter was precise, truthful, factual and pointed out that all men, women and children have faults. Yes, Carnes, even you and opposing party candidates and elected officials, as well. I am sure that is difficult to fathom, but rest assured, it is true. And I suppose verbally expressing what one thinks and believes represents what Carnes would call a personality flaw.

Success is measured not only by one trait (personality, as Carnes purported) but on numerous factors that cover a very wide range of areas. We have clearly seen many successes by President Donald Trump, and yet the mainstream media continues to focus only on the sensationalism purported by numerous liberal talking heads who, when asked about specific accomplishments, prefer to alter the narrative and resort to unsubstantiated stories that are most likely found in the tabloids at the grocery check out lines.

I again thank Truscheit for his non-cynical and non-skeptical response in a precise fashion to Carnes. Perhaps it would be a good idea for many to read his letter in an open-minded fashion and realize whether they like Trump or not, he is attempting with success to fulfill promises made during his campaign, a campaign that elected him president.

Many of these accomplishments have been endorsed in the past by his opposition, but now that he is the proposer and author, they have suddenly become terrible ideas. That can hardly be called open-minded and concern for constituents.


Robert J. Graff

Highland Beach, Florida

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