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Support for Wineman

I am a member of the founding board of The Center for Social and Emotional Education at Teacher College, Columbia University, and a nine year member of The Board of Trustees of the Eagle Hill School of Greenwich, CT., which is as one of the foremost special needs schools in the United States. I was distressed to learn, during my visit to Vail, that Officer David Wineman has been criticized for actions taken recently regarding a youngster.

I have known Officer Wineman for nearly 20 years ” first as a ski instructor then as a friend. I have seen David coach both challenged children and challenged adults. He has been a kind, compassionate and uplifting companion to those who he instructed. His work was consistently exemplary in patience and consistently and steadfastly prioritized safety as the first concern.

I know nothing of the circumstances that has caused the public discussion about Officer Wineman so I cannot comment about them. I can only assure your community that the focus of David Wineman’s actions were undoubtedly first and foremost for the safety of the child and of the children around him. In these days of too lightly taken values, that concern and priority is a powerful positive for the community which David is proud to represent as a member of its police force.

Kenneth Schulman

Greenwich, CT

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