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Why would you leave Avon?

Matt TerrellVail, CO Colorado
Vail Daily file photoResidents who answered a town survey were asked what might make them decide to leave Avon. The annual fireworks display wasn't given as a reason.

AVON, Colorado What would cause an Avon resident to pack up, say good-bye and cozy up in Eagle, Gypsum or Walla Walla, Washington?More open space down valley.Over development.More affordable housing down-valley.Local political extremists gain control of the town council.Too many uneducated illegals.Poor town planning.If you allow 1 more high rise building.Hot wife, gigantic salary increase, weather.These responses come from a community survey returned by 379 full-time homeowners, second-home owners and voters. Along with rating the most important issues in town and the quality of town services, they were asked, What would cause you to leave Avon?The survey itself offered lots of statistics and hard numbers about how residents rate life in Avon, but some of the more colorful and telling responses came in the quips, rants and essays found in the pages of write-in comments.

The written comments were a good place to find the dissenting opinions, the exception to the percentages seen in the survey.For instance, most people said theyd like to see the town become more pedestrian friendly, but then again, some people seemed pretty satisfied with how they were getting around town.One of the reasons I still reside in Avon is because of the location. It is convenient to be in walking distance of certain things (bank, post office, bus routes, grocery store, etc.)Respondents gave a high ranking to police protection, but youll find several, very specific and often contradictory complaints about police service.There is no reason to have Avon Police in the force that we have. There are too many and they waste our tax dollars having 3 cars pulling people over at the same time so that 4 people can watch the other 2 work.This town is full of dangerous and terrible drivers. I rarely see anyone stopped and ticketed… the town need (sic) to care more about safety and control irresponsible drivers. Not only at night!!!The Avon Police Department no longer has a small town feeling — my kids are scared when they see the police. Do they have to be so hard-core?

One of the most common themes was dissatisfaction and anger with the growing number of illegal immigrants living in Avon.The most important issue in Avon, according to one person, is SENDING A ILLEGAL ALIENS TO ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would say my biggest gripe with Avon is the illegal immigration, everything that goes with it and the inability to do anything about it.We are in the process of debating to leave. We cannot compete with contractors who hire cheap illegal labor while we carry all the other costs attached to the illegals.Too many Hispanics… sorry. They take advantage of Avons services & amenities & give a poor image, & give nothing back to the community.Get the illegal population out of this town. Get rid of the gangs, house of prostitution, drug dealers. What has happened to the town of Avon?The Vail Daily noticed only one positive comment about the Hispanic population.We spend winters plus some summer and fall time in Avon, and really enjoy the lake, library and such. We also enjoy the presence of the Hispanic people who are so very important to the Vail Valley.

The survey showed uneven approval of mass transit in Avon. More than 57 percent of voters see transportation as a big priority, while only 37 percent of voters felt that the transportation department was doing a good job.Mainly, people wanted to see more bus stops and more frequent stops.I am surprised that with the cultured and educated population that there is not more of a concern with the lack of public transportation. I would think that the town would want to promote the use of PT considering the state of the environment.I am a parent and a school teacher and would like to say that I would get up early and walk to a bus stop so that I can make less of an impact on the environment in these pressing times. The closest bus stop to my house is about 3 miles away.A big change to Avon this past year was the opening of the gondola that takes skiers from the Westin to Beaver Creek. The town also ended bus service taking skiers directly from Avon to Beaver Creek Village a decision that didnt set will with several people who took the survey.I believe Avon businesses will suffer as a result of the decision to discontinue the bus service toWal-Mart/Traer Creek and the former skier shuttle direct from Avon hotels to Beaver Creek village. Guests may choose to stay at another resort entirely if they do not wish to pay Beaver Creek lodging prices simply because it is now too inconvenient to get around Avon and up to Beaver Creek without a car.The gondola is a joke… who ever heard of needing three chairlifts to get to the village in a ski area usually you put in a lift system to make things smoother not more complex.

Several people expressed dissatisfaction with Avon Elementary and public education, most of the complaints stemming from the schools high percentage of Hispanic kids. One person describes Avon Elementary as one of the worst schools in all of Colorado.I do not feel that the public schooling situation in Avon and Eagle county is conducive to raising a child or family here. The flooding of the public schools with illegal immigrants and children of illegal immigrants degrades the level and quality of education by accommodating them.When it comes time for me to raise a family (probably in the near future), I will be disheartened having to leave the wonderful natural surroundings and environment of Avon because of these other realities. Avon school is filled with ILLEGALS and anchor babies. The reality is Avon is not a place to call home.Another person offered a solution:Avon Elementary needs to become a math/science magnet school and drive the desire to attend the school up. That in turn would drive up property values in all of Avon because there would be a good school in the town.Staff Writer Matt Terrell can be reached at 970-748-2955 or mterrell@vaildaily.com.

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