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Wisdom from the Web

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
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Re: Wisdom from the Web

Tell “It’s like getting paid to speed” to the parents of the toddler you just ran over in the middle of the road for going 45 in a 25.

And for what, to get to your destination 30 seconds sooner?

Re: Letters to the Editor

Dana Jurich’s credibility would be greatly enhanced if she would have written somewhere in her un-American diatribe, that we are the largest givers of aid to Africa in the entire world. We do more for that tragic continent than anyone else on the planet.

Might I suggest, Ms. Jurich, you step out of happy valley for a couple of years and go look at what America has done to help others. Of course you won’t and in fact, you will probably write another article that spews hatred for that hand that feeds you.

Re: Case for a housing tax

Arn Menconi strikes again. First he wanted to tax us to baby-sit other people’s children. Now he wants to tax us to build houses for other people so that they don’t have to work for it like we did. This will go down in even bigger flames than his baby sitting tax did.

What part of no don’t you people understand? This is nothing but another Menconi plan to get into our pockets and take our money.

The Vail Daily is campaigning again for their favorite liberal, Arnold Menconi.

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