Avon, CO Hotels

Why Choose Avon, CO, Hotels

Avon, CO’s, prime location for outdoor activities in Eagle River, White National Forest, Holy Cross Wilderness and Eagle’s Nest Wilderness and its proximity to Beaver Creek and Vail make it a hot place to stay when visiting Vail Valley. As you might imagine, this puts Avon, CO, hotels in high demand. While you won’t find the same number of accommodations in Avon, CO, as you’ll find in other parts of Vail Valley, the variety within these options provides something for different experiences and budgets. Get a familiar feel when you stay in Avon, CO, hotels from brands that you recognize. Cozy up in a mountain lodge with the feel of a rustic (still resort-level, though) Colorado ranch, complete with stone fireplaces and patterned quilts. Start your morning with good coffee and even better conversation at charming locally owned beds and breakfasts. Live like royalty in upscale resorts as you enjoy luxurious amenities like onsite fitness centers, access to the ski lifts and even concierge services that bring you anything your heart desires.

Fall in Love with Avon, CO, Hotels

There’s so much to love about the hotels in Avon, CO – how close they put you to the shopping and dining opportunities in downtown Avon, their access to the amenities at Beaver Creek resorts, the privacy that staying condo units allows, on-site spas that pamper you into a state of nirvana, restaurant options that keep you well-fed without even having to leave the premises. Oh, the list goes on! Some who stay in Avon, CO, like it so much that they choose to rent condo units for certain months or seasons of the year. You can find Avon, CO, hotels that offer timeshare-rental options. Just imagine the beauty of always having a spot to stay in Vail Valley, not to mention exclusive resort privileges that certain programs offer!