Things to Do – Edwards, CO

Explore Edwards, CO, Things to Do

Edwards, CO, is almost always bustling with activity. Many Edwards, CO, things to do vary depending on the season, so there’s fun to be had year round. Come when the grass is green and fields are filled with wildflowers, or kayak and whitewater raft in Eagle River. Anglers love Edwards, CO, as the river is one of the premier fly fishing locations in Colorado. Hike or mountain bike the trails surrounding the valley. If your legs get tired, continue your exploration the Edwards, CO, way – from the back of a horse. Cordillera is a golfer’s haven with some of the best greens around. Most people tend to take their vacations during the summer, but those who wait until winter blankets Vail Valley in fluffy, white powder will find their patience well rewarded too. In the winter people like to visit the ski slopes at the nearby Vail Valley resorts of Beaver Creek and Vail. But Edwards, CO, things to do are worth checking out too. Swap out the summertime trail ride for a sleigh ride through the snow for example. You can even try dog sledding!

Low-Key Edwards, CO, Things to Do

But what about when you want to rest your legs or warm up from the cold? Not every Edwards, CO, thing to do requires hiking boots or a parka. Take your four-legged pal to the dog park. Expand your artsy skills with beading workshops at a jewelry store or knitting circles at yarn shops. Or spend a day wandering through the Riverside District and checking out the eye-catching shops and restaurants there. Practice your pirouette at an ice skating rink that opens in Cordillera every winter, or practice a little self-care with an appointment at a spa or salon. Or if you get the itch to move but don’t want to go outside, you can get your sweat on at fitness classes. Whatever type of vibe you’re feeling, you’ll find activities you’ll love in Edwards, CO.