Laughs with Lisa: Vail Comedy Show returns this week with back-to-back headliner Lisa Curry

Comedian Lisa Curry will perform in Eagle on Dec. 14 and in Vail on Dec. 15.
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Lisa Curry performances:
  •  Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. at Moe's Original BBQ in Eagle
  • Dec. 15 at 7 p.m. at Bridge Street Bar in Vail

Vail Comedy Show is back Wednesday, Dec. 14 for a special pop-up show at Moe’s Original BBQ in Eagle and Thursday Dec. 15 at Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village. Tickets are available online at

Lisa Curry is flying in from Los Angeles to headline both shows. Sammy Anzer from Denver, who performed at the inaugural Vail Comedy Festival will also be featured on both shows. We caught up with Lisa for a few questions before her performances.

Q: First off, Vail takes their Olympians seriously. Your Instagram handle is @olympianlisacurry, and there is an Australian Olympian swimmer of the same name. Would you like to come clean on something?

A: Hahaha. She took our name on socials, so I took “Olympian.” It’s only fair!

Q: For those who haven’t seen you before, what can you tell them about your brand of comedy?

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A: Smart and funny as hell. I alternate between personal and socio-political material. I think the most distinct thing about me is, if I think of a funny story or anecdote in the moment, I’ll meander in that direction for a bit and take the audience on a little side journey into my thoughts in real time. Come to the show and see for yourself.

Lisa Curry is an internationally touring comedian and TV writer based in Los Angeles.
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Q: What is your favorite curry? Green, Panang, Steph?

A: I gotta go Steph! I love basketball and it’s cool to see my last name out on the court, sinking back-to-back threes.

Q: How do you think you will vibe with a Colorado crowd that just voted to legalize shrooms?

Extremely well. Please bring some for me.

Q: We all know that “most things are better in LA,” but were you aware that Vail has the “World’s Most Best Taco?”

A: All the best Mexican food I’ve ever had is in LA, so I’ll be the one who decides that.

Q: Back to the serious stuff. Tell us all about Lisa’s world: what have you been working on, what’s next and all those things.

A: SO much. I’m working on tightening up my new hour, auditioning a lot, and currently pitching five different shows. It’s a lot to take on all at once, especially without representation, but I love the work.

Q: Can you tell us about touring with Jim Jefferies?

A: It’s so great. Jim and all the other openers are fun and easy to travel with. His fans are incredible. And I’ve gotten to play some really cool venues, like the Chicago Theatre, which had been a dream of mine since I was a little kid putting on recitals in my living room. If you ever find yourself backstage there, you’ll see my signature on the wall between Carol Burnett’s and Prince’s.

Q: Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory?

A: I performed in Fort Collins for the first time back in 2014 or 2015 with a couple of other comics. We stayed with a metal band I knew through their label. We got in around 5 a.m., expecting everyone to be sleeping and they were very much partying. It was an insane trip. So much fun. I’ve never been to Vail, so no favorite memories there yet. Audience members should take this as a challenge to show me a good time.

Q: What can you tell us about Sammy Anzer?

A: My friend Amy Miller has worked with him. She’s a solid comic, so if he sets her up well, I’m confident he and I will work well together also. I also know he’s done a handful of prestigious comedy festivals. I’m really looking forward to working with him.

Q: What are you most excited about for these upcoming shows in Vail?

I cannot wait to see Vail. I love a charming, little city. I hope it snows while I’m there!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add, including but not limited to how much you enjoyed this questionnaire?

A: Please follow me on Instagram @olympianlisacurry so I can bump the other Lisa Curry out of the top spot.

Vail Comedy Show has a full slate of shows this ski season. Sean Patton and Amy Miller are at Chasing Rabbits in Solaris plaza on Jan. 4. Steve Gillespie from CONAN will be in Eagle Jan. 18 and at Bridge Street Bar Jan. 19. Chris Voth who is on tour with Ron White now, will be at Chasing Rabbits February 15 and at Bridge Street Bar February 16. Mary Mack with be at Chasing Rabbits on March 1.  

All tickets are available at

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